How to Verify Your Club Med Booking

Learn how to verify the authenticity of your Club Med booking with Travelution Holidays. Retrieve your booking details using the file number on the Club Med website or mobile app.

Planning a vacation is always exciting, but ensuring the authenticity of your booking is crucial for a worry-free experience. In this article, we will guide you on how to verify your Club Med booking made with Travelution Holidays. We will show you how to retrieve your booking details using the provided booking file number.

Steps To Verify Your Club Med Booking

Every Club Med booking comes with a unique file number that holds the key to verifying its authenticity. Follow these steps to ensure your booking with Travelution Holidays is genuine:

Club Med Booking Confirmation

You will receive a Club Med Confirmation from Travelution Holidays. This confirmation in PDF format will include the following essential details:

Verify My Club Med Booking
Sample of Club Med Booking Confirmation
1Location of your Club Med resort
2Your name, care of Travelution Holidays, as your booking agent.
3Your Club Med booking file number
4Client number, also serves as your Club Med membership number
5Names of all individuals included in your booking.

(The first name is in a mix of upper and lower case, while the last name is entirely in uppercase)
6The price of your Club Med package per person
7Your selected room type

“Superior Room Occupancy: 2 people”, indicates a room shared by two individuals (A & B).
8Total price represents the amount you are required to pay for your Club Med package.

The term “Structural promo by day” represents the discount applied to Club Med’s normal price. This discount should not be deducted from the Total price. Instead, you should add the Structural Promo Discount to the Total price to arrive at the Club Med Normal Price.

Retrieve Your Club Med Booking

To begin, use the Club Med booking file number provided to you and head to the official website or mobile app.

  • Open your preferred browser and navigate to clubmed.com.my or launch the Club Med app (Apple App Store or Google Play) on your smartphone.
  • For web browser, click on the person icon on the top right corner on the homepage, and click “Sign In
Verify Club Med Booking
  • Click on “Log In” at “Access Your Trip with Your File Number”.
Verify Club Med Booking 2
  • Please enter your File Number, along with your First and Last Name as prompted, and then click “Log In“.
Verify My Club Med Booking

Verify Your Club Med Booking Details

Once you’ve entered your file number, you’ll be directed to a page displaying the summary of your booking.

Verify your Club Med booking
1Summary of your Club Med booking: the travel dates and the total number of individuals.
2The term “Transport” specifically refers to flights or ferry services that have been booked. Please be aware that Club Med airport transfers are not part of the “Transport” booking mentioned here.
3Click on “Details of My Stay” to access additional information.

On the following screen, you will find the details of your Club Med stay:

Verify your Club Med booking
4Summary of your Club Med booking: Booked travel dates, the total number of people in your reservation, as well as any transportation, such as flights or ferry services. It’s important to note that airport transfers, are not part of the transportation mentioned here.
5The names and date of birth of all individuals included in the booking.
6The time remaining for you to confirm your booking is displayed here. Please note that if you don’t confirm it before the deadline, your booking will be automatically canceled.
7Your Club Med booking confirmation documents will be available after payment has been received and the booking has been validated by Club Med.
8Click “Confirm My Option

Since your booking is made through Travelution Holidays, the Club Med website will indicate that you should get in touch with us to complete the payment and confirm your booking.

Verify Your Club Med Booking

This is how your Club Med booking will appear after payment has been processed and your booking has been validated by Club Med. You will then be able to download your Club Med booking documents.

Verify your Club Med booking

Club Med Flight Inclusive Package

If you are booking a Club Med Flight Package, payment is required for low-cost airlines (e.g., AirAsia) before the booking can be confirmed. For full-service airlines (e.g., Malaysia Airlines), payment must be made within 24 hours, and flight tickets will be issued once payment is received.

You will need to verify the flight booking separately.

  • Visit the website of the airline associated with your flight booking.
  • Look for the “Manage Booking” or “Check My Reservation” section.
  • Enter the necessary details, which may include your airline booking reference and name.
  • Confirm that your flight details align with what you received from Travelution Holidays.

Airport Transfer Booking Details

If you have reserved a Club Med Flight Package, your Club Med Booking already includes airport transfer arrangements. Additionally, for Club Med Bintan, if you’ve opted for the Ferry Inclusive package, the land transfer between jetty and Club Med Bintan is also part of your Club Med booking.

However, if you decide to book the Club Med Resort and Airport Transfer package, please note that the airport transfer section will become accessible to you once your payment is completed, and your booking is validated.

Airport Transfer: Facilitate Your Arrival

Follow the same steps above to retrieve your Club Med booking. Under “Details of My Stay“, scroll down to locate the “Facilitate Your Arrival” section and click “Start Now

Club Med Facilitate Your Arrival

In the “Transfer” section, you can click on “Complete” to enter your flight details. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can reach out to us, and we will assist in entering the flight details on your behalf.

Verify Club Med Booking - Airport Transfers

FAQs About Verify Your Club Med Booking

Can I verify the Club Med booking on the mobile app?

Absolutely! You can use the Club Med mobile app to verify your booking’s authenticity using the provided booking file number and name

What if I can’t find my booking file number?

Don’t worry. Check your booking confirmation provided by Travelution Holidays. The booking file number is clearly mentioned in the middle section of the Club Med confirmation.

Is it common for bookings to have errors?

While rare, errors can occur. That’s why it’s essential to cross-check your booking details on the Club Med platform and with Travelution Holidays.

Can I trust the information provided by Travelution Holidays?

Travelution Holidays is a trusted partner of Club Med and registered with the Malaysia Department of Personal Data Protection.

What if I find a discrepancy in my flight booking?

If you notice any discrepancies in your flight details, immediately contact Travelution Holidays to rectify the issue.

Embark on Your Journey with Confidence

Booking a vacation with Travelution Holidays promises a hassle free and unforgettable experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your Club Med booking is genuine and that your dream vacation awaits you. Remember, using the provided booking file number to retrieve and verify your booking details is the key to a worry-free and secure journey. Bon voyage!

Eugene Ooi
Eugene Ooi

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