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Explore the World of Club Med

Welcome to the world of Club Med, the unrivaled pioneer and global leader of all-inclusive holidays. With over seven decades of expertise in crafting exceptional vacation experiences, Club Med takes pride in offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. Whether you seek pristine beaches or snow-covered slopes, Club Med has the perfect destination for you.

Discover the captivating beauty of Club Med’s beach and snow resorts, strategically located in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. From the enchanting islands of Phuket and Bali to the alluring snowy landscapes of France, Italy, and Japan, each resort promises a unique and unforgettable adventure.

A Rich History of Excellence

Since its establishment in 1950, Club Med’s unwavering mission has been to create an oasis of tranquility where guests can immerse themselves in breathtaking natural landscapes while enjoying exceptional all-inclusive accommodation. Over the years, Club Med has expanded its presence to encompass over seventy resorts across twenty-six countries, and this journey of growth continues, offering travelers an ever-expanding array of exquisite locations to explore.

Unparalleled All-Inclusive Holidays

At Club Med, the essence of all-inclusive is redefined to encompass everything you desire and more. Your vacation experience with Club Med goes beyond the ordinary, as they go the extra mile to deliver an all-encompassing escape that caters to every aspect of your journey. From world-class gourmet cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds to the assistance of fully qualified childcare staff, from skillful mixologists concocting delightful beverages at the bars to exclusive partnerships with acclaimed entertainment like Cirque du Soleil, Club Med leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your every need is met.

The Club Med All-Inclusive Package is truly comprehensive, encompassing a wide range of inclusions:

  • Accommodation options, from lavish Suites to comfortable Superior rooms.
  • Savour delectable gourmet meals prepared by talented chefs.
  • Premium open bar serving your favourite drinks.
  • Engage in a plethora of sports and activities, tailored to suit every interest and skill level.
  • Childcare services for children aged 4 to 17.
  • Indulge in intimate evenings filled with captivating night entertainment and live music.

Club Med’s commitment to ensuring your journey is convenient and stress-free extends to offering a variety of services to enhance your experience further.

Club Med Finolhu Floating Breakfast
In-Suite Floating Breakfast at Club Med Finolhu

Beach & Sun Holidays: Embrace Exotic Paradises

For those seeking sun-soaked bliss and turquoise playgrounds, Club Med’s beach resorts offer an enchanting escape. Set your sights on the Maldives’ pristine shores, where crystal-clear waters beckon you to explore the underwater wonders. Venture to the lush jungles of Southeast Asia, where Bali’s beauty and cultural richness await.

Each Club Med Sun Resort has a unique identity, promising a variety of activities to suit all interests and ages. Our team at Travelution Holidays is ready to guide you to the most beloved and best-selling sun vacation spots, where your every whim is catered to with Club Med’s all-inclusive package.

Club Med Bali Indonesia
Club Med Bali

Snow & Ski Holidays: Embrace Winter Wonderland

If your heart yearns for the thrill of snowy adventures, the Club Med Ski Resorts are the perfect haven. Set off to explore Europe’s highest ski domain in France, traverse picturesque mountain communities in Italy, or indulge in the soft powder slopes of Kiroro, Japan.

Whether you’re an experienced skier or a first-time snowboarder, Club Med’s snow specialists have crafted an array of activities for all skill levels. Revel in the joy of skiing on some of the world’s top slopes, master the art of snowboarding with certified instructors, embrace Nordic walking, or indulge in the diverse indoor activities.

Club Med’s all-inclusive package caters to the whole family, with amenities such as inclusive dining, lift passes, ski, and snowboard lessons. From non-skiers to advanced skiers, there’s something for everyone, making your snow vacation a breeze from start to finish.

Club Med Tomamu Japan
Club Med Tomamu

Exclusive Collection Resorts: Luxury Redefined

For families and couples seeking a truly extraordinary vacation, the Club Med Exclusive Collection offers an unparalleled blend of casual elegance and meticulous attention to detail. These luxury resorts offer the epitome of all-inclusive excellence, delivering unforgettable moments set amidst the world’s most sought-after locations.

The Exclusive Collection offers a range of exclusive privileges:
  • Exclusive Environment: Revel in the most stunning locations on the planet, boasting more space per guest in common areas for a sense of unrivaled luxury.
  • Exclusive Rooms: Experience up to 40% more space than 4 Trident rooms, complete with enriched amenities, branded spa products, and even an espresso machine for your indulgence.
  • Dedicated Teams: Be pampered by a team of G.Os and G.Es (Gentle Organizers and Gentle Employees), who are carefully chosen and trained to provide exceptional service. The resort maintains a higher staff-to-guest ratio than 4 Trident resorts to ensure your every need is attended to.
  • Private Spaces: Enjoy a heightened level of exclusivity with access to private ski rooms, lounges, and chalets.
  • Exclusive Taste: Relish the finer things in life with champagne served from 6 pm, a wider selection of upscale products for dining and beverages, enriched à la carte offers, and the privilege of private breakfast, tea-time, and dinner in Villas and Chalets.
  • Exclusive Care: Unwind with turn-down service, indulge in breakfast served in your room, and enjoy room service during the day (services offered vary depending on room category and resort).
  • Exclusive Ambiance: Be captivated by new emotions and surprises, be serenaded by live intimate music, and revel in the unique ambiance created by renowned artists such as Isla Club and Quatuor by Yvan Kassar.

Childcare: Nurturing Smiles and Confidence

Club Med understands that parents want the very best for their children, especially during vacations. Rest assured that your little ones are in safe hands at the Club Med Kids Club, where they can have fun, make new friends, and gain self-confidence under the watchful care of expert G.Os.

Designed to cater to children aged 4 months to 17 years, the Kids Club offers a wide range of age-appropriate activities and facilities tailored to their interests and personalities. The skills and experiences they acquire at the Kids Club will remain with them long after their vacation is over.

Club Med Cherating - Water Park
Mini Club Med

Must-Try Experiences: Immerse in Local Culture

At Club Med, they firmly believe that each resort should offer a unique experience, enriched by the local culture and identity of the region. Immersing oneself in the local culture is the first step to unlocking the heart and soul of each resort, allowing guests to create cherished memories and embark on unforgettable adventures.

Whether it’s embracing traditional customs, exploring local cuisines, or participating in culturally enriching activities, Club Med ensures that guests will encounter moments that resonate deeply and become treasured stories to share for a lifetime.

Club Med Kani Snorkeling
Snorkeling at Club Med Kani

Easy Arrival: Hassle-Free Start to Your Vacation

With Club Med’s Easy Arrival service, your vacation starts the moment you step foot on the resort. Whether you’re embarking on a sunny beach getaway or a snowy ski vacation, the Easy Arrival service ensures a seamless experience from the beginning to the end.

Take the stress out of vacation planning, and allow us to prepare everything in advance. From signing up your children for childcare services to booking your ski equipment, we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on embracing every moment of your well-deserved holiday.

Club Med Arrivals
Easy arrivals at Club Med

Sustainable Tourism: A Commitment to the Environment

At Club Med, sustainability is deeply ingrained in their core values since their inception in 1950. The company is committed to ensuring that their developments respect the environment, visitors, and local communities.

Club Med’s resorts are designed with eco-friendly practices in mind, and they took the bold step to ban single-use plastic at all their properties in 2019. By choosing Club Med, travelers are not only immersing themselves in luxury and adventure but also contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach to tourism.

Loyalty Program: Exclusive Rewards and Offers

As a valued member of the Club Med family, we want to reward you for your loyalty and trust in us. The Great Member loyalty program offers unique benefits and exclusive offers tailored to elevate your vacation experience. As a Great Member, you’ll be rewarded for your holidays and referrals, earning points that elevate your membership status.

Great Member Benefits

Up to 19,999 points
• Referral Rewards Program
20,000 – 49,999 points
• Referral Rewards Program
• Free premium Wi-Fi (up to 4 devices)
• 15% discount at Boutique on Club Med Branded items
• 10% discount on selected excursions
• 10% discount on spa branded products
50,000 – 99,999 points
• Referral Rewards Program
• Room upgrade (subject to availability)
• Privileged transfer bookings (selected resorts & blackout dates apply)
• Priority check-in
• 50 Gift Pass, valid for selected services
• Free premium Wi-Fi (up to 4 devices)
• 15% discount at Boutique on Club Med Branded items
• 10% discount on selected excursions
• 10% discount on spa branded products
100,000+ points
• Referral Rewards Program
• Room upgrade (subject to availability)
• Private transfer for bookings including Club Med transportation
• Free parking (selected resorts)
• Dedicated GO or team
• Priority check-in
• Late check out
• Priority reservations for specialty restaurant
• 100 Gift Pass, valid for selected services
• Free premium Wi-Fi (up to 4 devices)
• 15% discount at Boutique on Club Med Branded items
• 10% discount on selected excursions
• 10% discount on spa branded products

With four Great Member statuses defined by points acquired over the previous three years, your loyalty comes with a host of exciting rewards. Earn 2500 bonus points plus RM560 credit by referring new friends to Club Med, with the friend receiving RM280 credit for their first booking. You can refer up to ten friends per year, making your Club Med journey even more delightful.

Club Med - Referral Program
Great Members earn points with every stay at Club Med

Introducing the Club Med Lingo

As you embrace the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Club Med resorts, you’ll encounter some unique terms that embody the spirit of the community:

  • G.O. (Gentle Organizers): The G.O.s are the heart and soul of Club Med, ensuring your stay is filled with joy and unforgettable moments.
  • G.E. (Gentle Employees): Our G.E.s are the dedicated employees behind the scenes, working tirelessly to ensure your experience is seamless and exceptional. From the skilled chefs to the attentive housekeeping staff, they play a crucial role in making your stay special.
  • G.M. (Gentle Members): That’s you – the esteemed members of our Club Med community. We eagerly await your arrival to share in the joy of a memorable holiday together.
  • C.D.V. (Chief de Village): The Chief of the Village, or General Manager of the resort oversees the G.O.s and G.E.s, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is delightful. You may even spot them mingling with guests during meal times, at the bar, or on stage, always ready to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Village:At Club Med, they refer to their resorts as “villages” to evoke a sense of belonging and community. In these villages, guests will feel at home and welcomed by friendly faces from all over the world.
  • Crazy Sign: The Crazy Signs are Club Med’s signature dance moves that capture the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the resort. Guests are encouraged to join in the fun and let loose with the help of the G.O.s – it’s all part of the Club Med spirit!
  • Dress Code: Guests are encouraged to embrace the Club Med spirit even in their attire. While following the dress code is never mandatory, it’s a wonderful way to spread the joy and camaraderie of the Club Med community. The G.O.s will guide guests through the dress code for various occasions, ensuring they can enjoy every moment in style.

Bring Home More Than Memories: A Transformative Journey

A Club Med holiday is not just a collection of fleeting moments, but a transformative journey that leaves a lasting impact on your life. Take home more than just memories – carry with you newfound moves, a spirit of curiosity, a deeper sense of confidence, and cherished togetherness. Club Med All-Inclusive Holidays encourage understanding and reconnect you with what truly matters in a way that leaves an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

Booking Club Med Made Easy

Ready to embark on the vacation of a lifetime with Club Med? Booking your dream getaway is effortless with Travelution Holidays. Simply reach out to us with your preferred travel dates and the number of people in your party, and our team will take care of the rest. We’ll check room availability and provide you with the best pricing options to ensure your holiday is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

At Club Med, they speak the universal language of unforgettable experiences. So, let the journey begin!

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