Club Med Introduces Non-Refundable Rates for Club Med Maldives

Club Med's non-refundable rates provide significant cost savings but these rates do not allow for changes or cancellations.

Are you looking for an extraordinary travel experience to the Maldives? In an effort to provide travelers with more cost-effective options, Club Med introduces non-refundable rates for Club Med Maldives, which includes Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu. These non-refundable rates come at a lower price compared to standard rates, with one key stipulation – changes and cancellations are not permitted. Non-refundable rates will be available for travel starting in May 2024.

Club Med’s Unbeatable Offer

Imagine pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and overwater bungalows that offer the ultimate in luxury. The Maldives is a dream destination for many, and Club Med has made it even more accessible with their non-refundable rates. In this article, we’ll look into the details of this exciting offer, discussing what it means for travellers and what to expect when booking these rates. Get ready to discover the paradise that awaits you at Club Med Maldives.

Non-Refundable Rates for Club Med Maldives
Club Med Kani Beachfront Room – Paradise Found In Every Corner

Unveiling Non-Refundable Rates For Club Med Maldives

Club Med is known for providing all-inclusive luxury experiences, and now they’re making it more affordable for travellers seeking a tropical escape. With the introduction of non-refundable rates, you can secure your stay in paradise at a reduced cost.

What Are Non-Refundable Rates?

Non-refundable rates are special pricing options that provide significant cost savings. However, as the name suggests, these rates do not allow for changes or cancellations.

Advantages of Club Med Non-Refundable Rates

  1. Savings: Enjoy reduced rates that make your dream vacation more affordable.
  2. Peace of Mind: Once you book, you can rest assured that your reservation is secure.

What to Keep in Mind

While non-refundable rates offer substantial savings, it’s essential to plan your trip carefully. Since changes or cancellations are not permitted, make sure your travel dates are firm.

Club Med Kani Beach Dining
Dining on the Beach at Club Med Kani – Where Paradise Meets Palate.

Club Med Maldives – A Tropical Paradise

Club Med Maldives encompasses two stunning resorts – Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu. Both offer unique experiences that cater to different preferences.

Club Med Kani

Club Med Kani is perfect for those seeking an active, vibrant atmosphere. It boasts a range of water sports, thrilling activities, and a lively nightlife. With non-refundable rates, you can enjoy all these amenities at a lower cost. Club Med Kani is also suitable for families, making it an ideal destination for both adventurous travelers and those looking for a family-friendly experience.

Club Med Finolhu Villas

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape, Club Med Finolhu Villas is the ideal choice. Located on a secluded island, it offers beach and overwater villas, private beaches, and a serene ambiance. Non-refundable rates open the door to this luxurious retreat without breaking the bank. Club Med Finolhu offer couples a romantic and peaceful atmosphere with the overwater villas are reserved for adults only. For families with older children, the beach villas are a great option to enjoy this beautiful paradise.

Club Med Finlohu Main Pool
Dive into paradise at the Club Med Finolhu Swimming Pool

Booking Your Stay

How to Reserve Non-Refundable Rates For Club Med Maldives

Booking your non-refundable stay at Club Med Maldives is a straightforward process:

  1. Contact Travelution Holidays: Share your preferred travel date, the number of individuals traveling, and the date of birth of children up to 17 years old at the time of check-in.
  2. Completing the Booking: Providing Traveler Details and full payment for non-refundable rates.
  3. Purchase Travel Insurance: Protect your trip with travel insurance that covers trip cancellation.

    For just RM54 per individual or RM135 per family, AIG Travel Insurance provides trip cancellation benefit of up to RM20,000 if you need to cancel your journey for a covered reason. The most frequently covered reasons include illness, injury, or death of the traveler or a traveling companion.
Club Med Finolhu Overwater Villa
Embrace luxury and serenity at Club Med Finolhu’s Overwater Villa

Club Med Maldives Price Comparison

Here are the sample prices for 4 Days 3 Nights at Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu. The starting price is based on per adult for double occupancy and excludes the cost of speedboat transfers and flights. Please note that the prices mentioned are accurate as of 18 October 2023. It’s important to be aware that Club Med’s pricing is subject to change due to their dynamic pricing policy.

ResortRoom TypeNon-Refundable RateStandard RateSavings
Club Med KaniSuperior RoomRM2680 per adultRM3113 per adultRM433 per adult
Deluxe RoomRM4048 per adultRM4709 per adultRM661 per adult
Overwater SuiteRM5006 per adultRM5416 per adultRM410 per adult
Club Med FinolhuBeach Villa – SunriseRM4833 per adultRM5625 per adultRM792 per adult
Beach Villa – SunsetRM5308 per adultRM6179 per adultRM871 per adult
Overwater Villa – SunriseRM6021 per adultRM6516 per adultRM495 per adult
Overwater Villa – SunsetRM6734 per adultRM7288 per adultRM554 per adult
Club Med Kani Overwater Suite
Indulge in luxury at Club Med Kani’s Overwater Suites

FAQs About Non-Refundable Rates for Club Med Maldives

What is the advantage of non-refundable rates for Club Med Maldives?

Non-refundable rates offer substantial cost savings, making your vacation more affordable.

Can I make changes to my reservation with non-refundable rates?

No, non-refundable rates do not allow changes or cancellations.

Are non-refundable rates available for both Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu?

Yes, you can book non-refundable rates for both resorts.

Is travel insurance recommended when booking non-refundable rates?

Yes, it’s advisable to purchase travel insurance for added protection.

Can I still purchase the Club Med Maldives Standard rate?

Yes, for travellers who want the option to change or cancel with a penalty can purchase the standard rate.


Club Med’s introduction of non-refundable rates for Club Med Maldives, including Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu, is a game-changer for travellers seeking a budget-friendly escape to this tropical paradise. While these rates offer significant savings, it’s crucial to plan your trip carefully, as changes and cancellations are not permitted. So, if you’re ready to embark on a memorable journey to the Maldives, take advantage of this exciting offer and make your dreams of paradise a reality.

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