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Royal Caribbean Cruise – Top 9 Things To Know Before Sailing

Are you going on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Here are 9 things you should know and prepare before your ship leaves the port.

Are you planning to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise soon? Congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the best cruise lines in the world. Whether you’re cruising to Alaska on the Radiance of the Seas or to Thailand onboard the Spectrum of the Seas, you can rest assured you’ll create lifelong memories with Royal Caribbean cruise.

The planning doesn’t stop once you’ve paid your deposit. There are still plenty of things to consider before you set sail. Keep reading all the details you need to know!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Seaplex
A wide range of activities at the Royal Caribbean Seaplex

Going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Cruising is an extremely popular vacation option with over 26 million people choosing to sail each year. With no shortage of things to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can see why this is such a popular choice for vacation.

Many first-time cruisers may not be aware of just how much there is to do while aboard the ship. In fact, “What do you do on a cruise?” is one of the most frequent questions we hear. From wakeboarding to skydiving and indoor diving shows to blackjack, they’ll be something to do from the moment you set foot on your ship. 

Before you board, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the coordination of cruising. It’s different than any other vacation style out there. Let’s now look at the nine things you should take into consideration before your ship leaves its dock. 

1. Pre-Cruise Preparation

Before boarding a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are a number of things you will need to prepare for a smooth boarding on your sailing day.

Travel Document Checklist

  • Passport – Valid at least 6 months after your cruise
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate – All guests 13 years and older have to be full vaccinated. Final dose at least 14 days before sailing. Fully vaccinated children aged 5 to 12 years to present proof of vaccination and follow protocols of vaccinated guests.
  • Covid-19 Test Results – Professionally supervised antigen test taken no earlier than one day before boarding
  • Health Questionnaire – Complete on the Royal Caribbean app before you board

Royal Caribbean Cruise Before Sailing

For Royal Caribbean cruise departing from Singapore, here is what you need to do. If you are sailing from another port, please check with Royal Caribbean as requirements may differ from country to country.

  • Get Vaccinated – All guests 13 years and above must be fully vaccinated.
  • 30 days Before Sailing – Download the Royal Caribbean App and check-in for your cruise. Select and adhere to your arrival time slot on your boarding day. Try to book an early slot so that you have more time onboard.
  • 3 Days Before Sailing – Register your pre-cruise test. Guests travelling from Malaysia and boarding the Royal Caribbean cruise in Singapore, you will need to submit the Singapore Arrival Card.
  • 1 Day Before Sailing – Take your pre-cruise test and receive a negative result to board. Also complete a health questionnaire on the Royal Caribbean App. Guests from Malaysia, may use the CLEA app to perform the supervised RTK test.

2. Book Extras in Advance

We recommend logging into your Cruise Planner on the Royal Caribbean website before sailing. From there you’ll be able to book any shore excursions you plan to participate during your docked days. For select sailings, you’ll be able to book dining reservations, visits to the spa, and entertainment from this online portal as well.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Perfect Storm Waterslides
Perfect Storm Waterslides

3. Pack a Day Bag

You won’t have access to your checked bags until they’ve arrived in your stateroom. For this reason, you should bring a backpack or small carry-on to use for your first few hours aboard the ship. 

You’ll want to pack any essentials you’ll need access to after boarding. Medications, documentation, swimsuits, and a spare change of clothes are all great ideas to pack in your day bag. 

4. Do Your Research

You will need to do some research on your own prior to boarding. You should have a basic knowledge of the ports you’ll be visiting during your trip, so you know what to expect when you get there. Knowing what places, you want to visit at each port will help you squeeze the most out of your trip.

It’s also important to know items that you cannot bring on the cruise.

Prohibited items on board Royal Caribbean cruise

  • Firearms and ammunition including replicas
  • Sharp objects including knives and scissors. Razors and scissors with blade less than 4 inches are allowed.
  • Illegal drugs and substances
  • Candles, incense and electrical equipment that generate heat including coffee maker, clothes iron, travel steamer and hot plates.
  • Hoverboards
  • Martial arts, self defense gear including handcuffs, pepper spray and night sticks
  • Flammable liquids and explosives including lighter fluid and fireworks
  • Baby monitor
  • Extension cords
  • Dangerous chemicals including paint and bleach
  • Perishable food and meat products
  • Alcoholic beverages

There will be security screening whenever you embark the ship. Should any of the prohibited items be found, it may be confiscated or kept by the security and returned at the end of the cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Bionic Bar
Bionic Bar – Robotic Bartenders

5. Don’t Forget the Shows

The Royal Caribbean cruise line has a reputation for their premier entertainment options onboard their ships. Every evening has its own shows and performances, so you should familiarize yourself with what’s offered onboard your cruise. 

Some of the newer ships even have theatrical, diving, and ice-skating shows. Many first-time cruisers are tempted to skip these types of shows given their unique location. If you have the time in your schedule, we highly recommend giving them a shot. They offer a beautiful and unique display that isn’t easy to match, even on the mainland. 

6. Choose Dining, Beverage and Internet Packages Beforehand

Do not wait until the last minute to choose the dining, beverage and internet packages that are right for you and your family. There are pre-cruise discounts to be taken advantage of that will allow you to save some money. Not to mention, choosing your food and beverage packages early will allow you extra time to decide which is perfect for your needs. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise iFly
iFly – Skydiving at Sea

7. Arrive At Your Departure Port A Day Early

Mother Nature can be a fickle beast no matter what season it is. You should allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your departure port, so you don’t get held up by unforeseeable delays. A storm can strike at any time, and if you’re not in line ready to board the day of departure because of the weather, you’ll miss your much-awaited cruise. 

As a bonus, arriving at the departure city a day or two early means you get to extend your vacation a little longer. Many of the Royal Caribbean departure ports are found in tourist-centric cities where there is no shortage of things to do.

8. Consult A Previous Cruise Compass

We have some sad news for the Type A planner folks out there. There is no way to know exactly what your upcoming cruise will offer. Royal Caribbean doesn’t publish this information in advance of boarding day. 

Instead of feeling like you’re going blind, you can consult one of the Royal Caribbean Cruise past Cruise Compasses. Doing so will allow you to see what was available activity-wise on similar sailings. You won’t know what’s offered until you’re on board, but if you want to know things to do on a cruise, the Cruise Compass can help. 

The activity and entertainment offered on ships do not change much from sailing to sailing. Having a general idea of what’s going to be offered will allow you time to make a checklist of things you want to check out when it’s time to set sail. 

9. Download The App

It wouldn’t be 2022 if Royal Caribbean didn’t have a smartphone application to streamline the cruising experience. The Royal Caribbean Cruise app is designed to assist you during your vacation. It provides details about your planned activities as well as the maps you’ll need. 

You’ll also be able to book onshore excursions and reserve activities onboard the ship right from your phone. If you’re looking for things to do in the Caribbean when your ship docks in the Bahamas, the app has you covered. 

There are benefits to downloading the app before you’ve even booked your cruise vacation, too. Whether you’re looking for details about upcoming cruises or the ship’s deck plan, you can find everything right on your device. 

Ready To Sail

Now that you know the essentials about going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’re ready to set sail.

If you still have not decided on a cruise holiday, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with suggestions and different cruise options.

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Spectrum of the Seas at Port Klang
Spectrum of the Seas at Port Klang
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