Does Club Med Include Alcohol in their All-Inclusive Package?

The question on many people's minds is: Does Club Med include alcohol in its all-inclusive package? We answer this frequently asked question.

Club Med is a well-known all-inclusive holiday resort chain for anyone wishing to unwind and escape the pressures of everyday life, one question on many people’s minds is: Does Club Med include alcohol in its all-inclusive package?

The quick response is: Yes, alcohol is included in Club Med resorts’ all-inclusive package. It’s crucial to comprehend the specifics of what is offered and how the drinks are served. We’ll go into the basics of Club Med’s alcohol policy in this article, along with some advice on how to get the most out of your trip.

Club Med All-Inclusive Package – Alcohol Included

Let’s begin by giving a quick rundown of Club Med’s all-inclusive package. A Club Med package includes accommodation, meals, snacks, drinks (including alcohol), activities, and entertainment for a single upfront cost. This means that everything is covered by your package, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on tiny extras while you’re there.

Let’s now discuss the alcohol that is a part of the all-inclusive deal. A range of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits, are available at Club Med. The drinks are served by the glass and are offered at the resort’s different establishments, including the bar, restaurant, and poolside.

Remember that Club Med has different alcohol policies depending on the location. While some resorts might feature a more constrained assortment of alcoholic drinks, others might provide a greater variety of choices. In general, though, you can expect to find a broad selection of drinks to choose from.

The way alcohol is served at Club Med resorts is another item to consider. You order and collect your drinks from the bar or other specific areas in the resort. Those who wish to unwind and sip their beverage at their own pace will find this a convenient option.

In addition to the standard alcohol offerings, Club Med resorts also offer premium alcohol options for an additional cost. These may include higher-end spirits, specialty cocktails, champagne, and premium wines. Ask one of the bar team members for more details and prices if you’re interested in these choices.

Does Club Med Include Alcohol
Club Med Cherating Bar Menu

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

It’s also important to note that the all-inclusive plan at Club Med includes a broad range of non-alcoholic beverages such soft drinks, juices, mocktails, tea, and coffee. For the little ones, there is a unique kids’ drinks menu at family-friendly Club Med properties.

New beverages have recently been added to the bar menu at Club Med properties throughout Southeast Asia. There is now bubble tea in Club Med Cherating, Club Med Phuket, and Club Med Bali, and a new grass jelly beverage has been introduced in Club Med Bintan.

Cherating Kids Bar Menu
Club Med Cherating Kids Bar Menu

Minors and Alcohol

Club Med resorts have strict policies in place when it comes to serving alcohol to minors, which is an important thing to bear in mind when it comes to drinking.

At Club Med resorts, most of the time, the legal drinking age is 18. This implies that alcohol cannot be purchased or consumed by anybody under the age of 18. It is crucial to bear in mind that, depending on the country in which the resort is located, some Club Med properties may have a higher legal drinking age.

In addition to the legal drinking age, Club Med also has policies in place to prevent alcohol abuse. This includes restricting the number of drinks that can be offered to one person at a time and keeping an eye on visitors’ behavior.


In conclusion, alcohol is included in Club Med’s all-inclusive package, and you can anticipate finding a wide variety of drinks at the resorts. Throughout your visit, you’ll have a lot of choices to select from, whether you prefer cocktails, beer, wine, or spirits.

What advice do we have to help you get the most out of your Club Med vacation, then? Here are some things to think about:

  • Learn about the resort’s drinking policies. As previously stated, each Club Med location has a different alcohol policy. Make sure you are aware of the resort’s specific policy, so you know what to anticipate.
  • Drink responsibly. While having a few drinks while on vacation is enjoyable, it’s crucial to practice responsible drinking. Visibly inebriated guests are not tolerated at Club Med, and staff members are taught to step in if required.
  • Remain hydrated. When you’re having a drink, it’s simple to forget to drink water, but it’s crucial to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of water all day long, especially if you’re spending time in the sun or participating in one of the numerous featured activities.
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