Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort – Haven Amidst Nature’s Splendor

Escape to Club Med Changbaishan, where nature's beauty meets ultimate relaxation.

Discover the enchanting Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort, where skiing meets breathtaking landscapes. Immerse yourself in the ultimate winter getaway that combines adventure and relaxation. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort: A Winter Wonderland

A New Era in Ski Resorts

Club Med Changbaishan ski resort opened its doors in 2022, introducing an advanced ski resort that perfectly blends skiing with luxurious amenities. Set within the Changbaishan Luneng Resort, Club Med Changbaishan offers ski enthusiasts a chance to experience the joy of skiing and snowboarding at the Luneng Resort Ski Resort, situated on the celebrated Changbaishan Mountain—a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort
Enjoying the Ultimate Ski Experience at Club Med Changbaishan

Unmatched Skiing Facilities

Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort offers an expansive 32-hectare winter wonderland, renowned for its pristine snow quality and world-class amenities. Featuring 4 beginner and 5 intermediate ski trails and 2 gondola lifts, skiers of all skill levels can revel in a variety of terrains. Nestled in a virgin forest adorned with a blanket of white snow, this resort creates a picturesque haven for both novice and intermediate skiers.

Club Med Changbaishan provides professional skiing lessons led by ESF-certified coaches. Whether you’re interested in skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing, Club Med’s expert guidance allows you to explore a world of winter sports. These courses cater to both adults and children, offering the perfect opportunity to learn or refine your skills.

Beyond Skiing: A Holistic Experience

Club Med Changbaishan ski resort offers more than just traditional skiing. In addition to hitting the slopes, sports enthusiasts can enjoy cross-country skiing and immerse themselves in the pristine natural surroundings. Plus, there’s the added indulgence of indoor hot springs rich in mineral substances. But that’s not all – guests can also find also have indoor mini golf, mahjong, cooking classes, karaoke, and yoga to keep themselves entertained. It’s not just a skiing adventure; it’s a rejuvenating experience for both body and soul.

Club Med Changbaishan Mini Golf
Swinging into fun at Club Med Changbaishan’s indoor mini golf.

All-Inclusive Package: Ignite Your Winter Vacation

Club Med Changbaishan’s all-inclusive package covers all aspects of your stay, ensuring a worry-free and joyful vacation. With accommodations, meals, drinks, snacks, ski courses, passes, entertainment, and kids’ club activities all included, you can focus on embracing the winter wonderland without any concerns. It’s the ultimate way to experience China’s snowy paradise.

Changbaishan: A Year-Round Gem

While Changbaishan is renowned for its winter allure, its beauty shines year-round. In the summer, when heat drives people to seek the coolness of mountains and seas, Changbaishan Mountain reveals a new level of splendor. Club Med Changbaishan is the perfect destination for a refreshing summer holiday, offering a range of outdoor activities to enjoy amidst the captivating landscapes.

Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort - Family Suite Rooms offer your very own outdoor hot springs.
Family Suite Rooms offer your very own outdoor hot springs

Unforgettable Accommodations

Cozy Retreats Amidst Nature

Club Med Changbaishan ski resort offers 100 modern and elegant rooms and suites, each thoughtfully decorated with wood materials and light-colored layouts. The combination of modernity and traditional Manchu elements creates a harmonious and warm atmosphere, perfect for a winter stay. Large windows and balconies provide stunning views of the snow-covered mountain.

Accommodation Choices
  • Deluxe Room – Balcony: 35-36m², ideal for 2 adults + 1 kid (below 12 years old).
  • Family Deluxe Room: Spacious room accommodating 2 adults + 2 kids (below 12 years old).
  • Master Family Deluxe Room – Tatami Beds: 60m², suitable for 2 adults + 3 kids (below 12 years old).
  • Suite: Luxurious 78-82m² space for 2 adults + 1 kid (below 12 years old).
  • Suite – Balcony: Larger suite with balcony, accommodating 2 adults + 1 kid (below 12 years old).
Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort - Deluxe Room
Relaxing in style at the Club Med Changbaishan Deluxe Room

Gastronomic Delights and More

Heaven Lake Restaurant

Indulge your taste buds at the Heaven Lake Restaurant on the 3rd floor. Inspired by the holy Tianchi Lake, the restaurant offers a variety of buffet choices, from international cuisines to authentic northeastern Chinese dishes. Enjoy your meal surrounded by natural elements and materials that create a relaxing and refreshing dining atmosphere.

Baishan Kitchen

Located on the 4th floor, Baishan Kitchen provides all-day delicious dining options, including late lunches, a la carte menus, and night snacks. Special Korean specialties add a unique flavor to your dining experience. The show kitchen lets you see your food being prepared, while rich Manchu elements add to the ambiance.

White Rivers Bar

Unwind at the White Rivers Bar, where a wide selection of local and international wines, cocktails, soft drinks, and more are waiting for you. Named after the famous town “Two White Rivers,” this bar offers a chill atmosphere with ethnic Manchu cultural elements, creating the perfect setting for drinks and relaxation.

Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort - Restaurant
Savouring the finest flavours at Club Med Changbaishan

Exploring Culture and Nature’s Wonders

Cultural Enrichment

Changbaishan Mountain isn’t just about skiing and nature; it’s also a place where culture thrives. Immerse yourself in the authentic Manchu culture and experience the exotic Korean-styled cultural elements found at the boundary of China and North Korea. From food to traditions, every moment is an opportunity to engage with diverse cultures.

Enriching Your Vacation

While skiing is a major highlight, a visit to Changbaishan Mountain is incomplete without exploring its natural wonders. The Changbaishan Tianchi Lake, Grand Waterfall, Valley Forest, and more offer awe-inspiring sights for nature lovers. Adding a touch of adventure to your vacation, these attractions provide a deeper connection to the region’s beauty.

Club Med Changbaishan Tianchi Lake
Captivated by the serene beauty of Tianchi Lake.

What’s Included in the Club Med Changbaishan package?

  • Accommodation
  • Meals and drinks at the restaurant
  • Drinks and snacks at the bar
  • Ski and snowboard group lessons for adults and children (maximum 12 persons per group)
  • Ski pass and access to gondola lifts
  • Sports and leisure activities in the resort
  • Nightly entertainment and party
  • Access to hot springs
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Childcare service for children 4 years and above

What is excluded in the Club Med Changbaishan package?

  • Ski and snowboard equipment rental
  • Ski wear and goggles
  • Private lessons
  • Excursions
  • Laundry
  • Spa and treatments
  • Shopping at Club Med Boutique
  • Childcare service for children under 4 years
  • Premium drinks and meals
  • Pick up and drop off service
Club Med Changbaishan Cross country ski
Exploring the Winter Wonderland with Cross-Country Skiing

FAQ About Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort

Is skiing suitable for beginners at Club Med Changbaishan?

Absolutely! Club Med Changbaishan offers a range of trails for skiers of all levels, including beginners. With expert instructors and top-quality facilities, beginners can learn to ski with confidence.

What is included in the all-inclusive package?

The Club Med Changbaishan all-inclusive package covers accommodations, meals, drinks, snacks, ski and snowboard lessons, ski passes, entertainment, and kids’ club activities. It’s a worry-free way to enjoy your vacation without any extra costs.

Can I explore Changbaishan Mountain in the summer?

Yes, Club Med Changbaishan offers a range of outdoor activities and excursions even in the summer. It’s a great opportunity to experience the mountain’s beauty in a different season.

Are private ski courses available?

Yes, private ski courses are available for an additional fee. These courses provide personalized instruction for both adults and children.

Can I rent ski equipment at Club Med Changbaishan?

Yes, ski suits and equipment like snowboards, helmets, and ski sticks can be rented at an extra cost. You can also choose to bring your own equipment.

Is the Club Med Changbaishan experience suitable for families?

Absolutely! Club Med Changbaishan is family-friendly, offering accommodations, activities, and facilities suitable for families with children of all ages.


Club Med Changbaishan Ski Resort is a haven amidst nature’s splendor, offering a unique and unforgettable winter vacation experience. Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast, a nature lover, or a culture explorer, this resort has something special for everyone. Immerse yourself in the thrill of skiing, indulge in delicious cuisine, relax in luxurious accommodations, and discover the beauty of Changbaishan Mountain. Experience the best of both winter and summer in one extraordinary destination.

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