Air France and KLM Launch Business Light Fares with Reduced Benefits

The new Air France and KLM Business Light fares come with a reduction in the check-in baggage and the absence of lounge access.

Air France and KLM recently launched their own version of Business Light Fares. These fares come with a reduction in the allowed check-in baggage and no access to the lounge, but SkyPriority services are still included at airports. In contrast to Air France and KLM Business Light fares, other airlines’ versions of these fares usually do not include checked luggage, airport priority services, and often a reduction of elite and award miles earnings.

It’s worth noting that Air France and KLM Flying Blue members with a status that includes lounge access and additional checked luggage allowance still apply.

Comparison of Air France and KLM Business Light Fares

BenefitsBusiness LightBusiness StandardBusiness Flex
Hand Baggage2 pieces + 1 personal item (18kg total)2 pieces + 1 personal item (18kg total)2 pieces + 1 personal item (18kg total)
Checked Baggage1 piece (32kg)2 pieces (32kg each)2 pieces (32kg each)
Seat SelectionNo free seat selection before check-inNo free seat selection before check-inSeat Selection before check-in
Lounge AccessNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
SkyPriority BenefitsYesYesYes
Ticket ChangesPenalty + Fare DifferenceFare DifferenceFare Difference
RefundableNoNoYes, if cancel before the 1st flight of your trip
Air France and KLM Business Light Fares
Air France Business Class

Compared to other airlines that have stripped away all the benefits of Business Class, Air France and KLM’s Business Light fares are not completely “light”. They only eliminate lounge access and the ability to check-in a second bag.

Interestingly, when airlines introduce these “economy” business fares, the lowest previous fares suddenly become “light”, and benefits disappear. Elite members are usually protected, as they retain their lounge access based on their status, which has yet to be removed, along with the additional luggage allowance.

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